Solar Water Heaters-Industrial

Solar Water Heaters for Boilers

Solar hot water system is based on the principle of black body absorption. The black surface of the collector absorbs the heat energy form the sun rays and transfer it to the water passing through the copper tubes. Hot water being lighter in density, raised to the insulated storage tank and equal amount of cold water replaces this hot water from the copper tubs.

From solar water heater, we can increase the temperature to the maximum of 95 deg. Industries like Textile, Hotel, Rubber and Dairy industries as already in use of boiler for generating steam. The hot water can be used as a pre heated wter for boiler. Conventional fuels like LPG, Diesel, Firewood, etc., can be saved at 30% to 40% on their daily consumption

Technical Specification

Absorber Copper Black Chrome selective coating
Fin Type Deep Serrated Fin to have increased surface area 10 - 15%
Copper Quality 99.99% 0.02pure
Collector Area 2.0 Sq. Mts
Header/Raiser Tube Copper 25/12.5 mm.dia
Raiser to Fin Joining Ultra Sonic Welding
Collector Frames Aluminum Powder Coated
Top Cover Glazing Toughened Glass 4mm.thickness
Glass Beading/Gasket Pure EPDM Rubber
Collector Insulation Pluff Slabs for sides and 50 mm.thick Rock WoolSlabs
Flanges Brass Forged & Machined Flanges

Insulated Storage Tank

Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel
Outer Tank Material Aluminum Cladding
Tank Capacity Customized to Customer Requirement
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Stainless Steel
Tank Welding Tig Welding
Filler Matetial Stainless Steel
Thermal Insulation Rock Wool
Heat Retention 72 hours

Savings at Glance

Description Calorific Value (kcal/ Kg) Cost of Fuel in ₹ Pay Back Period
LPG 10882 73.00 / Kg 16 months
Diesel 10004 70.00 / Lit 24 months
Fire wood 3600 3.40 / Kg 30 months


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Case Study in a Textile Industry at Coimbatore

Textile industry at Coimbatore cooking for 750 staffs, 3 times a day. An average, they consume 78 Nos of 19 Kg LPG Cylinders per month. After the incorporation of solar system, their consumption per month is reduced from 78 Nos to 43 Nos.

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