Solar Tunnel Drier

Solar Tunnel Drier

SUNLIT Solar tunnel Drier is an enclosed chamber which is used for drying of various crops using Green House effect. It helps to preserve the food and also increase the shelf life of the product. It is covered with multi wall Polycarbonate sheet which traps solar energy and has an insulation effect, thereby maintaining high temperature for a longer period of time. Further solar tunnel drier filters out the UV radiations which help products to retain the nutrients, hygiene and colour.


    • Auto control panel for temperature/moisture
    • Simple in fabrication and installation.
    • The scalability of the dryer is to the desired size on customer's demand
    • Maximum mean temperature inside the dryer is 55 - 60 Deg c with mean temperature at 30 Deg C.
    • Drying time is 40% lesser than normal open sun dry method.
    • The product is protected from rain, insect, dust, birds and rodents proof.
    • The product can be left in the dryer overnight or during rain.
    • Payback period is less than 5 years.

Product Can be Dryed

  • 1. Copra
  • 2. Chillies
  • 3. Spices
  • 4. Amla - Nuts
  • 5. Vegetables and Fruits
  • 6. Herbal raw materials


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