Solar Water Heaters - Domestic - Flat Plate Collector

Solar Water Heaters - Domestic - Flat Plate Collector

Solar hot water system is based on the principle of back body absorption. The black surface of the collector absorbs the heat energy from the sun rays and transfer it to the water passing through The copper tubes. Hot water being lighter in density, raised to the insulated storage tank And equal amount of cold water replaces this hot water from the copper tubes.

Technical Data

Absorber Copper / Aluminum with Black Chrome
Fin Welding Ultra Sonic
Collector Frames Aluminum Powder Coated
Top Cover / Glazing Toughened Glass 4 mm thickness
Collector Area 2.0 Sq.M
Inner Tank Stainless Steel 304 - L / GI
Inner Tank Welding Seam Welding / Mig Welding
Turbulence Preventer Provided
Deep Drawn Dishes Provided
Outer Tank Stainless Steel
Tank Side Dish GI Powder Coated
Heat Retention 72 hours
Insulation PUF
Supporing Stand GI PU Coated
Pressure Release Value Provided (for pressuria model only)

Available Models

Model 100 LPD 200 LPD 250 LPD 300 LPD 500  LPD
No. of Collector

1 Nos

2 Nos

2 Nos

3 Nos

4 Nos

Heater Coil


Utility Points






No. of Persons







50-60 Deg. C

Technical Data

Inner Tank Stainless Steel 304 - L/Copper
Inner Tank Welding Seam Welding/Gas Brasing
Turbulence Preventer Provided
Deep Drawn Dishes Provided
Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel / Copper
Outer Tank Material Stainless Steel/Coated Sheet
Tank Capacity 100 / 150 / 200 /250 / 300 /500
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Stainless Steel / Brass
Tank Welding Tig Welding /Brazing
Filler Matetial Stainless Steel /Copper
Thermal Insulation Rock Wool / PUF
Heat Retention 72 hours
Tank Side Dish Aluminum Powder Coated
Heat retention 72 hours
Insulation PUF
Electrical Backup Provided ISI Make (Optional)
Supporting Stand MS Powder Coated
Pressure Release Valve Provident(for Pressuria model only)




Capacity No.of Persons Utility Points
100 LPD 3-4 Persons 1-2 points
200 LPD 5-6 Persons 3-4 points
300 LPD 6-8 Persons 5-6 points
500 LPD 10-12 Persons 7-8 points
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