Solar Water Heaters - Commerical - Evacuated Tube Collector

Solar Water Heaters - Commerical - Evacuated Tube Collector

Evacuated tubes are the absorber of the solar water heater. They absorb solar energy converting it into heat for use in water heating. Evacuated tubes have already been used for years in Germany, Canada, China and UK. There are several types of evacuated tubes in use in the solar industry. At Sunlit, we use the "Twin-Glass Tube" technology. This type of tube is chosen for its reliability and better performance.

Evacuated Tube Basic Specification

Length (nominal) 1800 mm
Outer Tube Diameter 58 mm
Inner Tube Diameter 47 mm
Glass Thickness 1.6 mm
Material Borosilicate Glass 3.3
Absorptive Coating Graded CU-N/CU
Absorptance >92% (AM1.5)
Emittance <8% (80oC)
Vacuum P<5x1-3 Pa
Stagnation Temperature >200oC
Heat Loss Maximum <0.8/(m2oC)
Strength 0.8MPa

Insulated Storage Tank

Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel / Copper
Outer Tank Material Aluminum Stucco
Tank Capacity Customized to Customer Requirement
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Stainless Steel / Brass
Tank Welding Tig Welding / Brazing
Filler Material Stainless Steel / Copper
Thermal Insulation Rock Wool / PUF
Heat Retention 72 hours

Area of Implementation

  • 4. HOSTEL
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