SUNLIT Solar Tunnel Drier is an enclosed chamber which is used for drying of various crops using Green House effect. It helps to preserve the food and also increase the shelf life of the product. It is Covered with multi layer Polycarbonate sheet which traps solar energy and has an insulation effect, thereby maintaining high temperature for a long period of time. Further Solar tunnel drier filters out the UV radiations which help products to retain the nutrients, hygiene and colour.





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Focusun Energy Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of Solar Thermal and Solar Photovoltaic Systems. Focusun is an extremely apt name for our company, for Green, Clean and safe energy.

At we are strongly committed to providing simple and effective solutions for families, businesses concerned about climate change and rising energy costs. Our team has an excellent reputation in the Solar Thermal products, Photovoltaic products and Lighting systems and we are pride ourselves in offering the best customer service available. We are very passionate about what we do, working hard to push the industry in a positive direction and ensuring that your experience with is a positive and enjoyable one.

Focusun Energy systems continue to grow as well as expanding its operations.


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Founded in 1999 by Mr. M. Jagdishkumar, along with his brother, Mr. M. Gopikrishnan, to meet the growing demand for solar thermal products, Photovoltaic products and Lighting systems.

The company is strongly steered by a dynamic management having sound experience in the fields of Solar Engineering, Administration, Production and Marketing for decades. has a team of well qualified and skilled professionals who take utmost effort in manufacturing and delivering quality products accompanied with long term customer service.

Energy systems is a company dedicated to delivering to quality...



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  • Phone : +91 422 2591069

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