Solar Water Heater Flat Plate Collector

Solar hot water system is based on the principle of back body absorption. The black surface of the collector absorbs the heat energy from the sun rays and transfer it to the water passing through the copper tubes. Hot water being lighter in density, raised to the insulated storage tank and equal amount of cold water replaces this hot water from the copper tubes.

Technical Specification

Coating properties Absorptive 0.96 + 0.02, Emissivity – 0.18 + 0.05
Fin & Tube Bonding Ultrasonic / Laser welding
Header & Raiser Bonding Brazing
Box Material Extruded Aluminum sections of 100mm x 25mm x 1.4mm thick with power coating
Retainer Angle for Glass Extruded aluminum key 25mm x 10mm x 1.4mm thick
Glassing Toughened glass, Thickness 4mm with low Iron Transitivity> 86% @ near normal incidence
Gaskets and Grommets High quality EPDM special shaped full Gaskets and Grommets
Beading for glass / Gaskets EPDM rubber
Collector Insulation Fiberglass insulation@ 48Kg/M³ density.
Back & Corner sealing Non Acidic Silicon sealant through corners and screw joint
Reflector Aluminum foil of 0.1mm thickness
Absorber area 2.0 M2
Collector Size 2030mm x 1030mm x 100mm
Collector area 2.03 M2
Flanges Brass forged and machined flanges of 63 mm dia and 4mm thick with 4 No's. 6 dia holes

Insulated Storage Tank

Inner Tank Material Stainless Steel / Copper
Outer Tank Material Aluminum Cladding
Tank Capacity Customized to Customer Requirement
Inlet/Outlet Pipe Stainless Steel / Brass
Tank Welding Tig Welding /Brazing
Filler Matetial Stainless Steel /Copper
Thermal Insulation Rock Wool / PUF
Heat Retention 72 hours


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